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E-book: The Busy Woman's Self-Care Guide

Updated: Jun 13

Busy Woman's self-care guide, spa image

Did you know that women used to report higher levels of happiness than men in the olden times? This was before majority of the women had jobs and were expected to juggle between work, looking after the kids, furry babies, managing the family and the kids’ diaries, house admin, cooking etc. The list is truly endless. No wonder you feel exhausted!

Now, imagine a version of yourself that's less stressed, brimming with energy, and radiating happiness. By nourishing your own mental and physical well-being, you're not just caring for yourself - you are also caring for your loved ones.

The purpose of this Busy Woman's Self-Care guide is to acknowledge what you do and, more importantly, to remind you that to continue doing all that you do, it's crucial to fill your tank with self-care and love.

Topics covered in the e-book include:

  • 5 simple and easy to implement self-care tips to create calm and help you feel fantastic every day

  • Ingredients to avoid when selecting beauty products

  • Organic options for fruits & Veg which are most commonly sprayed with pesticides

  • Monthly Wellness Planner to get you started

I hope this E-book gives you some tips on how to practice self-care. I strongly encourage you to dedicate some time every day purely for your own enjoyment. If you do so, you will have far greater reserves to deal with the stresses of everyday life, whether that’s being a more present mum, paw-parent, partner or a boss business person!

Please Note: I have aimed this book at Women as they tend to be the master jugglers. However if you are a man who is facing overwhelm, then this book is for you too!

If you or your loved one is feeling overwhelmed, struggling with low energy, low moods, hormonal shifts, bloating or unwanted weight gain and are in need of support from a nutritional therapist, then I would love to talk to you/ them. Please book my complimentary 30 minute health review by clicking here and let's get you back to feeling vibrant and energised!


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